Your Support Matters

YOUR SUPPORT MATTERS Dear Friends, We want to THANK ALL of the generous contributors who helped to advance the mission of our Church. Your generosity made a great difference last year in our ability to grow our Church and community. And your continuing support will allow St. Sahag to build on its efforts to enrich the religious

Photos of Christmas Eve Service

PHOTOS FROM THE CHRISTMAS EVE CANDLELIGHT SERVICE & DINNER We had wonderful Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and Dinner. More than 150 people attended our Christmas Celebrations. It was encouraging to see so many parishioners, community members, neighbors, friends at Church for our Christmas Service. We shared the light of the Lord, glorified His Birth and

Outreach Sunday

OUTREACH SUNDAY We launched a new mission at St. Sahag on Sunday, December 9t, 2018. At St. Sahag we believe we need to go beyond the walls of our community and Church and serve those in need around us, in our neighborhoods and town. This is why we launched a new mission at our Church

Celebrating Our Success!

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