Dear Community Members,

I’m happy to inform you that the Treasures of Memory & Hope is close to completion.
Last year St. Sahag Armenian Church initiated new and ground-breaking project of preserving, passing down and sharing the stories of our survivors with people around us. Treasures of Memory & Hope is a touring photography exhibition that showcases the descendants of Armenian Genocide survivors pictured with their family keepsakes. The images focus on life and hope, tell stories of survival and perseverance.

Throughout last year we took photographs of more than 20 families and their family members. Our goal was to start the exhibition with 15-20 families. Some of the photographs were taken at Church and some of them in their homes. A brief and extended narrative of every family history and object is prepared to accompany the photographs.

We have decided to change the format of the exhibition. Instead of having framed photographs we decided to print the photographs as vertical retractable high premium quality posters. This format will make the moving and installation much easier and reasonable eliminating the need to hire both a moving company for the photographs and walls and another company for installation.

We have purchased and secured a domain specifically for the exhibition. The website address is: In addition to the website we have also created a social media presence to promote the project and give more visibility in the larger community.

We have designed and prepared promotional materials to promote the exhibition.

Hosting and hospitality. To encourage more organizations and institutions to host the exhibition we would like to cover the costs affiliated with hosting the exhibition. For the first two years of touring the exhibition we plan to stay in the Twin Cities area. The moving expenses will be minimal. We hope to have our community members help with setting up the exhibition unless it is required by a venue.

Organizations hosting the exhibition: We have coordinated and continue to communicate with a number of organizations to host the exhibit. Once we launch the exhibit with the website and have all the necessary introductory materials it will make it easier to approach many other organizations with ready materials and arrange a hosting of an event.

The following organizations committed to host the exhibit:

Jewish Community Relations Council (Scheduling soon)
Center of Genocide and Holocaust Studies at UMN
Basilica of Minneapolis
The following organization were approached and expressed interest
The Russian Museum of Art
Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul
Plymouth Congregational Church
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Salem Covenant Church
The following organizations will be approached to host the exhibit
University of St. Thomas
MN Historical Society & MN History Center
Ramsey County Historical Society
Cathedral of St. Paul
St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church
Bethel University
We are hoping to launch the exhibit on April 24th, on the commemoration day of the Armenian Genocide.I invite you to build on this success and be a part of this ground-breaking project.
With your support the Treasures of Memory and Hope will become reality and tell our Story of survival, perseverance to the larger Twin Cities community.
You may make a gift in memory of survivor parents or grandparents. Their names will be included in the brochures traveling with the exhibit.

Thank you for your support to this important project,

Fr. Tadeos
St. Sahag Armenian Church, Pastor

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